Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I Wish .... for no more hard faces
I wish ... for no more bad language
I wish for Hope and Kindness
I wish for love and family
I wish for desire to help and live
I wish for the sight of Jesus in our eyes
I wish for no more rudeness , no more cursed, no more bad word, no more reclamation..

I wish for a person wanting to be the best it can be..
I wish People can see the good in every one.. In that way we all can stay good.
I wish for better persons including me, I wish for the Wish in everyone to become a nurture fountain of giving and sharing and values and moral.

I wish for all of us understand that maybe we wont get exactly what we wish for, but if we fight , we can get close to it never loosing the Hope of making our dreams come true.

I wish for not settle for less and try to always climb another step.

I wish for a Living God inside of us and his eternal an unconditional love moving us towards others

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